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Helping children , helping families

Our engagements are based on high quality, loving, and individual complementary childcare support as the core of a modern family.

Our pedagogical concept support children especially in the areas of social, emotional and physical development by helping each child individually and according to their strengths and weaknesses in consolidating and expanding their skills in the respective area.

On the other hand, we support working parents in their desire to combine family and work, family friendliness and gender equality, and we promote the integration and participation of foreign-language families in the local environment.

Kids for Peace


Support work-family balance with high quality tailored childcare services

Family life and gender equality are natural components of our modern social development.

The compatibility of work and family is however still a challenge that affects the whole family. The solution models are just as diverse as the individual needs and requirements of households. 

We want to provide families with the necessary loving care they need so that their children and professional realization are not conflicting options but complementary facets of our life.

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Schönenbuchstrasse 42
CH 4123 Allschwil, Schweiz

+41 614830362

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